Important factor to consider when claiming a podcast:

Multiple people can claim one podcast, but the first person to do so becomes the owner. The owner is the only one who can control payout settings.

Go to, click "I'm a podcaster".

Search for your podcast by name, or enter your RSS feed manually.

You should see your podcast appear as you type the show name.

Don't see your show? Copy your RSS feed link from your podcast hosting website and add it to Listen App.

Now your show is live on the Listen App. One more step and you've claimed your podcast.

Request verification code in order to claim your podcast.

A code will be sent to the email address associated with your podcast's RSS feed.

Copy + paste your code, or type it in to finish claiming your show.

You can let other users claim your podcast, they'll also need the code sent to the email associated with the podcast RSS feed.

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