Getting your listeners to join your podcast club is one of the most important steps in building a meaningful community.

There are three main questions to think through:

  1. Why should someone join?

  2. Where will they hear about the club?

  3. How should they join?

Why should someone join my club?

To develop a clear value proposition you must understand why people listen to your podcast. Is there a parasocial / celebrity dynamic at play? Are they looking for education? Is the value mostly entertainment?

For example, people listen to my podcast to stay informed on daily news so that they can be intelligent among colleagues and make informed business decisions.

When creating a club, think about what exactly your listeners need and how your club will achieve this. If your podcast fits within a niche, the community aspect would be a great value proposition. If the podcast is popular, access to the creators and behind-the-scenes stories would be valuable. If the podcast explores a complicated subject, educational resources could prove valuable.

There are countless ways to position a club but most importantly, you need to have a clear value proposition that stems from a real understanding of your listeners.

Where will they hear about the club?

After you identify what your club will be about, planning a launch is critical. For best results, create an episode that is strictly dedicated to announcing the club. This episode should outline why your listeners should join, what they will get out of it and why they should act right away.

One of the best strategies is to have a limited time during which your listeners can join for free. Set a 1-3 day window during which anyone who joins is able to join for free. After this, everyone else will need to pay to access this club.

How should they join?

The final step is to think through the easiest consumer journey. Considering that podcast listening is a passive activity, any extra points of friction will reduce the results.

A good strategy is to post the club URL in the show notes of the episode announcing the club and ask everyone to reference the show notes.

Additionally, post the club URL on all social platforms and send emails to any listeners you have access to. It's best to do this all during the week of launch so that your listeners understand your intentions clearly.

If you're able to identify clearly why your listeners should join, make sure that you're heard, and give an easy path to action, your club launch will be a massive success!

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