Live events are at the heart of the Listen App platform. It's how podcasters engage with their audience and build community.

To create a new event, log into your dashboard and use the "New Event" button on the left column.

Note, you will need to claim your podcast before you can access the podcaster dashboard.

  1. Start by entering a topic. This can be as simple as, "Come join me for my first Listen App event" or something more specific to the genre of your podcast.

  2. Set an event date if you'd like to schedule it in advance. If you'd like to launch the event right away, keep the date toggle off.

  3. Add speakers to include on the event promo page. If the speakers you wish don't have a Listen App account, you can select to send them a text invite and when they create an account, they will automatically be added as a speaker. Note: They will need to use the same phone number that you sent the invite for it to automatically add them.

  4. You can choose to record the event if you'd like to have the audio file available for download after the event is completed. The file will appear in your dashboard event tab and will be available for download in 192kbps.

As soon as you press "Create", an event page will be created for promotional purposes. It will appear in the Listen App catalog of events and you can use it to promote it to your listeners.

By following an event, users will see it listed in their profile and get notifications when it is going live.

30 minutes before the start of the event, the room will be opened up and anyone can join. During this time all microphone functionality is fully enabled and users will see a countdown to the start of the event.

To learn more about how events function, be sure to read the article on event roles and participation.

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