Listen App is a great way for podcasters to supplement their income by hosting events and interacting with fans. Creating a club on Listen App is simple, and provides an option to monetize by charging a monthly or yearly fee.

There are a few prerequisites to getting paid with Listen App.

  1. subscribing to Listen App's Standard Monthly Plan.

  2. Linking existing or creating a new Stripe Account.

  3. Creating an RSS feed and claiming your podcast

Multiple people can claim 1 show, but only podcasters can create live events.

The first person to claim a podcast becomes the owner. Only the owner can adjust payout settings.

1. Subscribe to standard monthly plan

Settings > Subscription > See Plans

There are different plans, make sure to select one that enables a membership fee.

2. Set up Stripe account

Go to settings and scroll down to payment settings. If you have an existing Stripe account, you can link it, if not you'll have to create one.

Settings > Payment settings

Follow the prompts, enter your information, link your bank account to start receiving payments for your club.

3. Set up your club

Settings > Club settings

Don't forget to specify club perks, change club type, and set the price of membership.

4. Share your club website

All thats left is sharing your new club website on your social. To get the best results, create a podcast episode announcing the creation of your club, put the club link in your show notes and podcast description.

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